1. Today was such a good day
    #bcnc showed up

  2. 1st place in the #baycityalleycat shout out to @dakstar #bcnc


  3. constantbalancexvx:

    I called in sick from your funeral.
    The sight of your body made me feel uncomfortable. 

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    mostly nature

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  6. I saw you standing there and well I, well I, I can’t be trusted. I’m lost without a reason. But I think I could love you if only you would stop staring at me when the sentences I make don’t turn out right. I cannot handle it. No. Don’t take it as an insult, I only wish you were staring at me when I roll over because I can’t sleep at night, or I’m smiling because there’s snow falling outside, or when the breaks lock and we’re clearly gone die. I’m gonna grab your arm and scream, “I love you!” I hope you know that I’ll love you.

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  7. wildwesjames:

    Today is September 4th 2014. It has now been 8 years since the death of one of my greatest heroes.Steven Robert Irwin. In that time, and unlike what my comforting mother, and friends assured me, it has not become easier. In the years since his passing I have watched as animal media feed into the hands of the uneducated, sensationalist, and often even cruel TV show hosts only content in showcasing the brutality, and deadly aspects of wildlife. I have seen no one step up to the plate, no one fill that void he left in the world. Consider this an open letter, to all those as tragically in love with the natural world as I. Get out there, be loud, show your self and your love to the world, educate, experience, and just and just freaking live. We are but one species on what may be the most biodiverse planet in the universe. So get up, and make some damn noise, lose the fear, and show them what you love.

           "Because people want to save, the things that they love."

                 We all miss you mate. 

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  9. flatsound:

    you said you were done, well how done?
    because you wrote “don’t forget”
    on your arm when you were drunk
    and i got mad at the fact that you had
    to remind yourself at all
    i got mad when i shouldn’t have
    it’s just that i got so scared that
    you had already forgot

    but now i’m looking for a time machine or
    anyone who can justify why i’ve been gone
    or anyone to lie to me if they can say that 
    they understand the things i’ve done
    but neal said that i don’t need him
    i want to believe that i really don’t need him
    i know that neal said that i don’t need him
    but i don’t believe him

    i can’t wait until i see your face
    and my brain thinks that it’s looking at a stranger
    i can’t wait until i see your face and
    my brain feels nothing
    i’ll feel nothing

    i can’t wait until i see your face 
    and my brain thinks that it’s looking at a stranger
    i can’t wait until i see your face
    and i feel nothing

  10. I had a fun Labor Day weekend with @joshgroulx and @jenaand

  11. Bombing some hills in GR with @joshgroulx


  12. chicagobowls:

    Sorority Noise | Blonde Hair, Black Lungs

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  15. tripp-and-fall:

    I’ll repeat it and repeat it until you believe it: “you’re gonna be okay.”

    My favorite listener song.

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